Post a Job, Quickly and Easily.

Whether you're a hiring manager for a large organization or a small business owner, we make it easy to hire... and that all begins by gathering the best candidates for the position. Let our AI-Powered Hiring platform do all the heavy lifting to identify and deliver to you a high quality pool of candidates. We churn, you choose. By the way, did we mention that you can sign up and post your job all within a few minutes? We value your time and so should you.

Interview, Rate and Communicate.

Start interviewing candidates as they roll in. Leverage our state-of-the-art hiring tools to chat with candidates directly on our hiring platform. Set up virtual interviews to pre-screen potential hires. Rate candidates and jot notes to stay organized all in one environment as you move towards making your hiring decisions.

Pay for Value, Only.

We don't think it's fair to charge businesses for posting jobs. Because of that, our pricing is designed to provide value first. Post your jobs for free and compensate us when you're ready to communicate with potential hires. All through our "Hiring Credits system". In the end, you end up paying a few bucks per qualified candidate we send your way!

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